Set of healing herbs. Dry herbs for use


Collection of Herbs


Herbal manufacturing of herbs has been used consistently throughout history, nowadays we can harness them more efficiently, and we can make them tailored for specific needs according to what they’re most beneficial for. With all of our herbal manufacturing experience, we are able to help manufacture any customer required herbal product.

Various colorful superfoods as acai powd


Better Nutrition: As compared to a longer time conventionally grown food, organic food is much richer in nutrients. Nutritional value of a food item is determined by its mineral and vitamin content.Organic farming enhances the nutrients of the soil which is passed on to the plants and animals.



The organic farming involves less or no chemicals, synthetic compounds, fertilizers, pesticides, health hazards, harmful additives etc.

Organic approach is considered as healthy, as it uses animal manures, bio-fertilizers, crop residues and likewise.Organic food is a product of eco-friendly farming since organic farming doesn’t involve the use of hazardous chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers. 

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Our Background

How We Got Our Start

Sangu Naturals Manufacturing shares over 5 years of food and dietary Supplement manufacturing experience. Situated in Andhra Pradesh, India we offer the finest in natural and organic formulations, with an emphasis on manufacturing excellence, productivity and customer service Sangu Naturals Manufacturing is dedicated to providing its clients with the finest in Organic products, in particular, natural formulations.
Established in 2016, Sangu Naturals is a relatively new but trusted name in the domain of health supplements and immunity boosting materials, that are available in a variety of forms such as Tablets and powders. The demand of our products in the market have propelled us to become a noted Manufacturer and Supplier of health supplements that include, but are not limited to, Wheat Grass Powder, Barley grass powder ,and  other agriculture and organics products.

Our Manufacturing & Maintenance 

We Have Our Own Production And Processing Unit Which Located In Kurnool District, Andhra Pradesh ,India.Our Manufacturing Unit Certified By Indian Organic (NPOP) USDA (NOP).

Quality: We source our bulk supply from organic and pharmaceutical grade manufacturers. Our products do not contain chemicals and pesticides and are never irradiated or fumigated. Also, our products are dried using low heat under 120 degrees.

Our products do not have any added ingredients, such as sugars or fillers. We sell 100% pure, safe, and effective products.

Lab Tested: Our products are lab tested for pesticides, metals, and microbiological agents. If any of our products doesn’t meet our quality standards, they are rejected or sent back to the manufacturer. At the buyers request, we can supply lab analysis and testing results for all our products.

Secure Packaging: Our products are packaged using a re-sealable food grade bag that blocks UV light and moisture. The bags are safely heat-sealed for our customer’s safety. Our dark coloured bags are designed to ensure the freshest product possible.

Shelf Life: Our products will maintain their freshness and integrity for up to 18 months after purchase in our sealed bags, or 6-9 months after seal is broken.Buyers should store their items in a cool, dark place to ensure full shelf-life.

Our Vission

Our Vision is to build a robust, sustainable organic produce value chain management, which is commercially viable and ensures the betterment of all the stake holder, maximising long term returns on investments by being a leader in market with a promise of peace and prosperity for all.

Quality is our key word. We adhere to stringent quality practices controlling all the parameters at each and every stage of cultivation, processing and packaging of organic produce.

We are committed to contribute to organic agriculture, excel in farming and production through organic principles, care for the environment through sustainable agriculture development and provide chemical free healthy food to customer. We believe that Organic is not just growing without chemicals but giving back to mother earth by enriching the soil for future generations and enhancing the bio- diversity of the land.

We are committed to promote sustainable livelihoods for small and marginal farmers, follow transparent & fair trade practices with all stakeholder-the farmer and the consumers.

Our Mission

It Is Our Mission To Treat Our Customer & Buyers With Honesty And Respect. Our Commitment To Provide Industry With Hight Quality, Sustainable And Safe Organic And Natural Product. We Will Endeavour Daily To Supply Our Customers With Competitive Price High Quality Ingredients, Through Creative Service. By These Means, We Contribute Sustainable And Safe Agriculture.

Why Choose Us ?

Not only do we provide one of the best health supplements available in the market, but also our business structure and collaboration scope are some of the most innovative and rewarding. Take a peek at the points below:
Made from the best grade production, that is grown organically and Pesticide free, so no more health worries
Carefully dries and processed under expert supervision

Come in a variety of forms, to suit your needs
No fillers and adulterants
Prompt consignment delivery Transparent and ethical business policy